Sunset West Investigations

Our Mission:

“To provide exemplary investigative solutions to problems; thus allowing our clients to succeed.  We accomplish our mission by our commitment to providing professional results in a concise and timely manner.”

Sunset West Investigations is located in Southern California and is a full service investigative agency that specializes in solving clients problems.  With over 20 years of investigative experience, we can quickly and effectively investigate and manage your case whether it is local or global.  Our guiding philosophy is that we aren’t happy until you are.
Sunset West Investigations is conveniently located in Whittier, CA and regularly handles cases throughout the state. Our nationwide and international contacts allow us to efficiently handle cases wherever they may take us.
We employ state of the art surveillance and monitoring equipment to resolve your case quickly and efficiently and our investigators are specialist in their investigative skill set, be it fraud detection and prevention, insurance defense or interviewing.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a review of your specific needs.