Family Law Investigations

During a contentious divorce, it is not uncommon to suspect that a spouse is attempting to hide financial assets. Sunset West Investigations has the resources to locate property and assets that may have been hidden or not documented. This informatin can have a significant impact on finalizing a divorce or determining alimony payments.

Similarly, in family law proceedings such as custody cases, extensive background investigatons on a suspect spouse can help the court determine parental fitness and who to award custody to. In the case of child support, we can locate a parent that has moved away and stopped paying child support.

Stalking and harrassment is an area where law enforcement is generally the first choice however limited resources mean law enforcement can’t or won’t help in many cases. Sunset West Investigaions can assist law enforcement in these matters by locating and monitoring anyone suspected of stalking or harassment. Our investigation can document the suspcted behavior and provide strong evidence to law enforcement that might otherwise be unavailable.

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