About the Owner

Scott is a Certified Professional Investigator.  Less than 1% of the licensed investigators in the State of California have achieved this certification.

Scott has been investigating fraud since 1993.  Prior to that, he worked in the medical profession dealing with injured and disabled patients, giving him a unique perspective when investigating injury related claims.

Scott has been active in the investigative community at local, state and national levels and is a long standing member of both the California Association of Licensed Investigators and the United States Association of Professional Investigators.  He has served as a District Governor and has served on theBoard of Directorsfor the California Association of Licensed Investigators in a variety of positions including Vice-President of Administrative Services.  Scott has been a featured speaker at several investigative seminars focusing on surveillance investigations and technology and continues to speak and promote this topic.   He provides training to investigators around the world and writes on a variety of topics in the investigative field.   Scott has also participated in legislative efforts to increase awareness of the investigative profession and to increase and protect the ability of investigators to conduct professional and successful insurance investigations.    Scott has hosted “The Curbside Investigator Podcast” since 2006.  It was the first podcast created specifically for the investigative community and is the longest running podcast of its kind.

Scott is an active member of the Private Sector Terrorists Response Group; an organization sponsored by the Orange County Sheriffs Department.

Scott has been specializing in sub-rosa investigations since 1993 and has worked nearly 200 cases annually since that time.

Please contact Scott if you are interested in having him speak on investigations or investigative technology topics at your conference, luncheon or event.